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What kind of inspection should be carried out before the production of Toyota filter

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What kind of inspection should be carried out before the production of Toyota filter

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Toyota filters

Toyota filter is very important in automotive engine parts, then the filter manufacturers on the strict inspection of filter is not strict, the main test from which several aspects of filter? Here are some of the techies from the company that will tell you this:


A: rated into chlorine gas filter parameters of air flow rate should be greater than with the rated air inflow of engine, for filtering precision, intercept is greater than 0.0002 microns substance, is one of the most delicate membrane separation products, it can effectively intercept all dissolved salts and organic molecular weight greater than 120, while at the same time allowing water molecules to pass.

Are two: the filter material thickness and tension, the original air intake resistance and filtration precision to pass, import diesel core requirement of air filtration precision is about 6 microns, the domestic diesel engine will also should be less than 21 mu m, efficient filter filtration precision for 3 microns, ordinary import filter paper to 30 microns, and domestic filter paper is 70 microns, only allows only a small amount of Ca2 + / magnesium 2 +, monovalent ions - K +, Na +, etc.

1: filter to unqualified, now filter mainly adopts domestic and imported, no matter domestic or imported are good filtering property, and counterfeit filter used inferior filter, prevent the dust into the engine, affect the normal work of the engine, so be sure to use qualified filter.

2: filter paper to qualified, which can bear high efficiency air filter, again not to add too much resistance to air flow, and can work continuously for a long time to filter paper quality indexes of quantitative parameters such as pore diameter and porosity, has very big effect to the quality of the product, test requirement for raw materials production enterprises, cannot use the filter paper quality is not qualified for production.

3: manufacturing process to be qualified, the original filtration efficiency is unqualified in addition to related to the pore diameter of filter paper, and also filter product processing technology parameters, such as increasing filter fold number, can increase the filter area, increase the filter of the original filtration efficiency, but the core of the original filtration efficiency increase, will cause the filter to the original resistance increases, so take the standardized processing technology as well as a key element of production.

Above is the Toyota filter test methods and requirements of the equipment manufacturer for filter, when we choose filter carefully check its data parameters, so as not to go wrong, cause unnecessary trouble.

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