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How long will the fuel filter be replaced? Dont do it easily

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How long will the fuel filter be replaced? Dont do it easily

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As is known to all, the quality of domestic gasoline is uneven, and the maintenance of fuel filter can not be ignored. In fact, the function of the fuel filter is to filter the impurities in the car fuel, so that the engine combustion fuel is more pure.

How often is the fuel filter changed?

Fuel filter is recommended to change every 10 thousand kilometers, the fuel tank built-in fuel filter 4~8 kilometer replacement. The maintenance cycle between different models may vary slightly. When your car needs to be replaced, please use the "self maintenance" function to understand.

In general maintenance, the filter is replaced by oil, filter and air filter at the same time.

The disassembly and replacement of the filter is more complicated, and it is not easy to operate by itself. It needs to be operated and installed by the professional staff of the special store.

Necessity of fuel filter replacement

The fuel automobile filter can be divided into gasoline filter and diesel filter according to the different fuel. The household car is mainly made of gasoline filter, and the gasoline filter is divided into oil tank built-in and external type.

The vehicle with the use of the growth of the age, mileage, fuel filter work for a long time, reaching a certain life cycle, will lead to increased fuel consumption, vehicle speed, to reduce noise, increase control performance.

The recommended replacement cycle for the normal maintenance of external filters is 48 thousand Km for most automotive manufacturers, and the recommended replacement period for maintenance is 1.92 to 24 thousand km. If you don't know, please read the owner's manual to find the correct recommended replacement cycle. In addition, when the filter factory hose appears from dirt, oil and other dirt caused by aging or cracks, the need to replace the hose. The fuel filters of many imported cars are connected by drum pipes (BanjoFittings). In order to ensure the reliability of the connection seal, the same gasket can not be used repeatedly. In addition, even if the new gasket is used, the tightness of the connection seal must be tested. When the fuel system needs to replace the "O" ring, it is necessary to ensure that the "O" ring specification model is accurate, and to verify the flexibility and hardness of the ring is appropriate.

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