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Difference between true and false gasoline filters

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Difference between true and false gasoline filters

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Gasoline filter is a kind of consumable, and the most important thing we need to pay attention to is safety when we replace it! Safety! Safety! Be sure to carefully check whether leakage after replacement, don't walk away. Do not let your car "a key cremation".

Filter requirements for filters

A good trusty filter has very high filtration requirements. Next, try to find out what filtering requirements you need!

1. high filtration accuracy: filter out all the larger particles (>1- 2 UM)

2. high filtration efficiency: reduce the number of particles through the filter.

3. prevent early wear of engine. Prevent air flow meter from damage!

4. low pressure difference, to ensure that the engine has the best air-fuel ratio. Reduce filtration loss.

5. large filtration area, high ash content, long service life.  Reduce operating expenses.

6. installation space is small, compact structure.

7. wet stiffness is high, to prevent the filter appears suction deflated phenomenon, resulting in the filter element is broken.

8. flame retardant

9. the sealing performance is reliable

10. good performance price ratio

11. metal free structure. Conducive to environmental protection, reuse. Conducive to storage.

In general, the difference between the true and false gasoline filters mainly lies in the following aspects:

1, appearance: workmanship quality

Fake gasoline filter rough work, in the corner office with the naked eye can see; in addition, also has the weight of different, because the selected material, fake gasoline filter tend to light.

2. Filter paper: filtration capacity

In the filter paper, the filter material used in the false gasoline filter is often not qualified, which will filter impurities in the gasoline is not sufficient, long-term use will affect the normal operation of the fuel system.

3, life: the length of service life

In terms of service life, the filter paper used in the false gasoline filter is poor in material, easy to be damaged prematurely; on the other hand, it is easy to enter the gasoline from the debris produced by the filter paper, which may lead to oil blockage or damage to the gasoline pump.


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