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Shenying filter in the air for you to resist the haze raging

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Shenying filter in the air for you to resist the haze raging

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Haze rampant, to people's lives and health has brought great trouble, especially in the car environment closed, haze is not easy to spread, but also to the car personnel brought a lot of health risks, how to improve the air quality in the car has become a topic of concern. In May 15th, the fourth generation automotive air conditioning filter product conference was held in beijing. The introduction of vehicle anti haze artifact is of great significance to the automotive industry and the owners. It is reported that the filter efficiency of the air conditioner filter PM2.5 can be as high as 99%.

Although some air cleaner media may look the same, their quality and performance may vary greatly. Engineers use a unique technology and use a more expensive medium in the oil filter:

ExtraGuard is characterized by a mixture of cellulose and glass filter media, which helps improve efficiency without sacrificing performance.

ToughGuard uses a winding synthetic mix, including cellulose and glass.

XtendedGuard uses a specially made two layer synthetic medium, reinforced with a metal mesh, which provides the highest capacity beyond the FRAN filter arrangement.

Air filter

There is a lot of dust suspended in the air, mainly silicon dioxide, which is harder than metal. The installation of air filters can reduce the wear of parts such as cylinders, pistons and pistons. If the vehicle does not install it, the cylinder wear will increase by 7 times, piston wear will increase by 3 times, piston wear will increase by 8 times.Therefore, the modern automobile engine is equipped with an air filter in the carburetor (or the intake control device of the EFI engine).

For car owners, the cleanliness of the Mercedes Benz filter inside the car is also very important. The function of the fuel filter is to remove the solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in the fuel to prevent the blockage of the fuel system (especially the nozzle), to reduce the mechanical wear, to ensure the stable operation of the engine, and to improve the reliability.


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