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Honda car should choose filter carefully

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Honda car should choose filter carefully

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In the engine maintenance, many people ignore the importance of Honda filter, mistakenly think that its technical content is low, it is not worth too much investment, which often lead to other expensive parts of the engine damage. The reason is that harmful substances, such as dust, will enter the air, oil and engine, leading to premature wear of the related components,

There are three ways of air filter, inertial, filter and oil bath.

Inertia: because the density of the impurity is greater than the density of the air, when the impurity rotates with the air or turns sharply, the centrifugal inertia force can separate the impurity from the airflow.

Filtration: guide air through the metal filter or filter paper, blocking impurities and adhering to the filter element.

The oil bath type: at the bottom of the air filter is provided with the oil pan, the oil will flow sharp shock, separation of impurities and viscosity in oil, and was stirred up with oil flow through the filter, and the adhesion of the filter element. Air flows through the filter can further adsorb impurities, so as to achieve the purpose. Where is it installed in the car?

The types of gasoline filters are mainly divided into the following three types: straight in straight out type, back in tubing way, integrated oil pump assembly. In addition, the straight inlet, straight out and oil return pipe type gasoline filters are all single oriented, so attention should be paid to the installation.

The gasoline filter with straight inlet, straight out and oil return pipe is generally installed at the bottom of the car, and the assembly of the integrated oil pump is installed in the gasoline tank with the gasoline pump.

How much is the replacement period of the gasoline filter?

Gasoline filter belongs to easy to wear and easy to consume parts. In the replacement, each brand vehicle manufacturers have different provisions, but usually in the vehicle every 2 to 30 thousand kilometers to replace.

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