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The filter manufacturer of Benz

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The filter manufacturer of Benz

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Gasoline in the production, transportation, storage process, inevitably to be contaminated, some dust particles, mechanical impurities, absorption of moisture in the air will enter the gasoline. The dirty gasoline doesn't meet the normal requirements of the engine, so the gasoline must be filtered before entering the engine.

What is the structure and working principle of Benz filter?

The structure of the gasoline filter is shown in the diagram below. In the sealed metal shell, there is a paper filter element made of resin treated microporous filter paper, which plays the role of filtering gasoline.

Working principle of gasoline filter

In the middle of the gasoline filter is a stainless steel support tube, the tube is equipped with high efficiency filter paper assembly, after containing certain impurities of gasoline into, through the chrysanthemum shaped filter paper. The filter paper is made of a folded chrysanthemum shape to increase the flow area of the gasoline, and the gasoline can flow out quickly and cleanly.

The market has also introduced related anti haze products for vehicles.

However, the survey found that the vast majority of these products are three noes products, there is no third party inspection report, no brand, there is no quality assurance. Many products are directly based on the original owner of the filter of the paste, HEPA membrane, or in the filter to buy a new installation of HEPA membrane, this approach did not effectively take into account factors of dust and wind resistance, the service life of the product and the use effect is very poor, long time use is also very large damage to the air conditioning.

There are also manufacturers of household air purifier filter materials directly used in vehicles, but this way of car exhaust, such as formaldehyde have no effect at all, and the product dust rate is low, short service life, long-term use will make a large number of bacteria, the harm to the passengers in the car more.

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