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The car 17801-oc010 filter should be replaced or cleaned regularly

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The car 17801-oc010 filter should be replaced or cleaned regularly

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The car filter should be replaced or cleaned regularly 17801-oc010

For the private owner, how long will the air filter for his car be replaced or cleaned is helpful to the maintenance of the car? This is the basic knowledge of the maintenance of the car owners. What would happen if you don't change it regularly? As a veteran in the auto industry for many years, people often asked about the Benz filter replacement timing problem, here have simply summed up the related problems about air filter replacement cycle, we hope to help.

I don't know if you have any experience in cooking. Before cooking rice, clean the rice. Before cooking, you have to pick and wash the dishes. In this way, the cooked food and food are clean and can be eaten by us. If you don't wash it, you can eat it. Two times may not be a problem. It's a long time, and it will hurt our health. Gasoline is the food of the engine. If it is not clean and the time is long, the engine will be damaged. So how do you guarantee the cleanliness of the gasoline? That's the credit of the gasoline filter.

The structure of the fuel tank is made up of an aluminum shell and a stainless steel support. It has high efficiency filter paper components on the support. The filter paper is taken as chrysanthemum shape to increase the flow area. The EFI filter can not be used with the carburetor filter. Because the EFI filter often bears the fuel pressure of 200~300kPa. Therefore, the pressure resistance of the filter is generally higher than 500kPa, and the filter of carburetor can not meet the requirements.

The oil filter must be replaced every 30 thousand kilometers. If the content of the fuel impurity is large, the driving distance should be shortened accordingly. The arrows on the fuel filter cover indicate the flow direction of the fuel, and when the fuel filter is installed, it is not allowed to flip. Even if it works in a backward state, it must be replaced for a short time.


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