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​Technical features of gasoline filter 17801-oc010

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​Technical features of gasoline filter 17801-oc010

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Technical features of gasoline filter

Inside the gasoline filter, the two ends of the folded filter paper and plastic or metal filter are connected. After the dirty oil enters, the outer wall of the filter is filtered through the layers of filter paper to reach the center, and the clean fuel flows out.

Performance test of filter core

The flow pressure loss (pressure drop) test is used to determine the loss of air flow pressure (flow resistance or flow pressure chamber curve).17801-oc010

The dust efficiency of the filter core can be calculated by the original filtration efficiency test. The dust reduction rate of the normal filter core should be more than 99%.

(3) the dust storage capacity test and the cumulative efficiency test, the excessive dust ash in the filter core caused the blockage and the intake resistance increased. When the engine power is reduced by 5% or the fuel consumption is increased by 5%, the intake resistance is a limit value, and the filter core must be cleaned or replaced when the value is reached. In test, when the intake resistance or pressure drop reaches 7 to 46kPa, the ash accumulation weight is the dust storage capacity of the filter element, and the filtration efficiency during this test period is the cumulative efficiency.

(4) the original intake resistance test, the intake resistance 9, the timing pressure, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter element should not exceed 3.2kPa, and the power will decrease. The engine will smoke black.

In the most complex filter is the replacement of gasoline filter. Honda filter gasoline will inevitably mix some impurities and moisture in the process of production, storage, transportation and filling. These impurities will lead to accelerated wear and tear of cylinder, blockage of oil path and damage of fuel injector as fuel is brought into the fuel supply system and engine cylinder. At present most of the engine were loaded with disposable paper filter and gas filter type, filter oil inlet and outlet arrow mark, not to hold against replacement. If the filter is installed in the fuel pipeline, it is called the external filter. On the contrary, the internal filter is the filter installed inside the fuel pump and fuel tank.

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