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So how to disassemble the fuel 17801-oc010 filter

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So how to disassemble the fuel 17801-oc010 filter

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Because the product manufacturing process is relatively simple, thus producing a lot of core enterprise product, and the product quality is uneven, Honda filter quality of products related to automotive engine power and economy, intake noise and emissions, as the core component, the air filter in low value consumables, can change the quality of the air: filter plays a very important role.

So how to disassemble the fuel filter

The first step, we must be ready to work before replacement fuel filter, first to prepare for the original car models, then will be ready to use tools, basically be used with sealing cup, red glue, tubing clamp, pliers, screwdriver and other tools. We should also pay attention to the fact that we can't wear chemical fiber clothes to prevent electrostatic discharge. It is best to tie a ground wire on the wrist to prevent static electricity. After all, security is the first one.

The second step, because there is pressure in the fuel system, in order to avoid fuel injection or fire accident when we remove the filter,17801-oc010 we must release the pressure in the fuel system before disconnecting the fuel line. When replacing the fuel filter, it is better to choose the next morning (in the cold car condition), because the oil pressure in the fuel system is small, and the gasoline coming out of the filter is less.

When choosing air purifier, we need to consider whether there is absolute safety. Whether a air purifier is safe is the basic prerequisite for deciding whether it is desirable. Clear ecological air purifier through the EU CE certification, and through the NASA official certification, the winner of the The Pentagon Medal of honor, the core shell, are used in Europe and America advanced materials, safety and environmental protection, no poison, no two pollution.

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