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Tests to be done before using a car filter

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Tests to be done before using a car filter

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You see the road is often a car, every holiday is a day of traffic jam, for more and more common cars, how much do you know?

TOYOTA filter is essential. The filter is an important part of the vehicle initiating machine. The main function is to ensure the air quality into the cylinder, and the air quality directly affects the reliability and service life of the initiating machine. After the introduction of the filter, the development of the research and the domestic and foreign research pause, and from the selection of filter material, the application status of the promoter filter is discussed. At the same time, the filtering efficiency of the filter is analyzed, and the calculation method is given. So, I think the filter price will be high, it is very popular, so can we see if we can do this together?


The filter should be tested according to the ISO4020 standard. The following tests to be done before using the filter are as follows:

1. new filter clearance test determines whether the inside of the filter core has removed the dust impurities in the production storage and transportation.

The 2. bubble method is used to verify that the filter core is not with the porosity larger than the filtration accuracy.

3. filtration efficiency and life test filter efficiency is the percentage of the specific particles that are filtered to block the time of the test pressure difference greater than 0.07MPa.

TOYOTA filter

4. water separation validity test was used to determine the percentage of the oil filter to separate the water from the oil and water mixture.

5. filter core breakage test determined some anti rupture pressure of the filter core.

6. the damage test of the oil filter assembly to determine the capacity of the assembly to bear internal pressure.

7. anti vibration fatigue test to determine the mechanical strength of the vibration resistance of the oil filter under normal conditions.

8. pressure fatigue test was used to determine the mechanical strength of the filter under pulsating pressure.

There are many materials in the filter, which are made of aluminum, stainless steel and iron. Therefore, in the appearance of the disposal of the time, the related cleaning process is different, the detergent product is not the same.

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