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Several methods to prevent the failure of Mercedes - benz air filter

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Several methods to prevent the failure of Mercedes - benz air filter

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Mercedes - benz filter air filter failure reason is due to improper installation method, air filter cap seal is not tight, or wear too much, contains a lot of impurities of gas did not pass through the filter element filter surface, directly into the engine from the bypass. Thereby causing a short circuit to the air cleaner, in which case the air cleaner does not act to purify the engine intake air. The following by the eagle technical personnel to explain how to prevent air filter failure of several methods:
First: observe the filter element at regular intervals, and make sure that the filter element is sealed during installation, that is, to prevent unfiltered air from bypassing into the cylinder.

Mercedes - benz filter

Second: one end face of the paper filter element must be respectively padded with two complete glue sealing gaskets, so as not to allow unfiltered air to directly enter the engine heart from the gap beside, thereby causing the air cleaner to fail.
As we all know, the filter element is one of the core parts of the air filter, its function is to filter the air, oil and fuel entering the engine, and the air filter element can be divided into dry filter element and wet filter element. The dry filter element material is filter paper or non-woven fabric. In order to increase the air through the area, filter mostly processed many small wrinkles.
Third: the connection between the air cleaner assembly and the engine intake pipe must be firm and tight to prevent short circuit failure due to air leakage.
Fourth: do not tighten the wing nuts securing the air cleaner housing too tightly to prevent excessive deformation and wear of the housing. Because the cover is stamped from a thin sheet of iron, once the cover is deformed, the air cleaner element will be blocked and the air cleaner will lose its effectiveness.


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