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What is the difference between filters and Toyota filters?

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What is the difference between filters and Toyota filters?

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Filters and Toyota filters are widely used in our lives, but because of the word is poor, so there are a lot of people silly confused, lead to cognitive logic confusion, so what's the difference between filters and filters? The following is explained by the eagle manufacturer's technical personnel:

One, two kinds of device definition is different:
1. filter: it is an indispensable device on the conveying medium pipeline, which consists of shell, multiple filter elements, backwash mechanism, differential pressure controller, etc., and is usually installed in pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, constant water level valve, etc.
2. filter: refers to the filter paper plays a role in filtering impurities or gas accessories, according to different filtering function is divided into: oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, air conditioning filter, etc. Automobile engine air, oil, fuel three filters, commonly known as " three filters", plus air conditioning filter, commonly known as four filters.
Iii. different uses
1. filter: widely used in food, pharmaceutical, paper, sugar, chemical fiber, water supply plant, battery industry, large air conditioning refrigeration system, oxygen compressor cooling oily wastewater filtration.
2. filter: widely used in the automotive industry, but also used in clean workshop, clean workshop, hospital operating room, sterile room, can effectively prevent rust, sand, and other harmful substances into the workshop affect production quality.
The difference between filter and filter is introduced, in fact, they have very different places, but also have some similarities, we must choose according to their actual use needs, because different products technical characteristics are different, the function is not the same.
We must choose according to their actual use environment, such as whether to need acid resistance, heat resistance, and so on. Because the technical characteristics of different filter products are different, the production materials used are also different.
Hope to be able to help you in the future use and operation maintenance, understand its function and role, can make its overall performance to the best state, and effectively prolong the service life of this kind of filter device.


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