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Maintenance of long-term non-use automobile and Mercedes - benz filter

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Maintenance of long-term non-use automobile and Mercedes - benz filter

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In general, the air conditioner Mercedes - benz filter can filter the air from the outside into the interior of the car, so that the cleanliness of the air is improved, and the health of passengers in the car is guaranteed. It is important to keep the air-conditioning filters clean if the vehicle is constantly passing through dusty roads. In the cold winter temperatures, some car owners when driving closed windows, only open the internal circulation does not open air conditioning, the teacher pointed out that this is not correct, after a long time driving will cause air turbidity in the car, bring certain hidden dangers to human health.

Mercedes - benz filter


Normally, the air-conditioning filter needs to be replaced once when the vehicle runs 8000 - 10000 kilometers, and the air-conditioning filter only needs to be cleaned regularly at the alternate time of each season, especially after winter. Air - conditioning filters can also be cleaned by hand, which is not difficult.
Method 1: if the filter equipment is not used for a long time, the machine must be cleaned, the filter element removed, washed and dried, sealed with plastic bags to store don't let it pollution, filter wipe stored well, don't damage.
Method 2: if the filter is used for a certain period of time, the filter element becomes dirty, so as to avoid the abrasion of certain particles of dust on the internal combustion engine, we need to take out the main filter element from the filter shell, tap the end cover of the filter element, shake off the dust on the filter element, and clean and store the dust in the dust collection box.
Method 3: if the filter is damaged in the use process, the filter element is directly replaced, the automobile engine is a very precise part, very small impurities will damage the engine, therefore, must maintain the quality of the air filter, if the filter element is damaged, directly replace the filter element, left to spend a lot of money to repair the engine, reduce maintenance costs, save money for the user.

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