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If the Toyota filter is dirty, blow it clean with an air gun, right

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If the Toyota filter is dirty, blow it clean with an air gun, right

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Presumably many car friends also know that air Toyota filter directly related to the car in the process of driving the engine intake, air before entering the cylinder, must first through the fine filter of air filter, to enter the cylinder. Because the car engine is very fine and fragile parts, a little impurity is likely to damage the engine. And in the industry, if the air cleaner is dirty, the common practice is to use air guns to blow clean, so what do you do?

Toyota filter

Blowing with an air gun more or less destroys the filter, such as enlarging the air filter gap, or blowing too hard through the filter paper, thereby reducing the filtration efficiency of the air filter itself. If the air filter gap becomes larger, filtered in the air is not very clean, the main component of the dust in the air is silica, it is harder than iron, dust particles into the cylinder wear cylinder wall and piston, cause the piston related parts wear, serious damage to the cylinder wall leakage power shortage.
So dust is the culprit of early engine wear, in this eagle experts warned the owner, the air filter is dirty, please don't use air gun blow! It is also important to regularly clean the air cleaner, although the general replacement cycle of the air cleaner is 10,000 km, but we recommend cleaning every 5,000 km.
In the automotive industry, air filter is an important part of the automobile air intake system, because the automobile engine is very precise parts, very small impurities will damage the engine. Therefore, before entering the cylinder, the air must be carefully filtered by the air cleaner before entering the cylinder. But with the increasing demand for air filters, many businesses produce inferior air filters for the benefit of many consumers.

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