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New! How often do air Toyota filters change

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New! How often do air Toyota filters change

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The failure reason of the air Toyota filter is that due to improper installation method, the cap of the air filter cleaner is not tightly sealed or worn too much, and gas containing a large amount of impurities does not pass through the filter surface of the filter element and directly enters the engine from the bypass. Thus causing a short circuit to the air cleaner. in this case, the air cleaner will not play a role in purifying the intake air of the engine. The following is a brief introduction by the technical personnel of the eagle to several methods to prevent the air filter from failing:
First: observe the filter element at regular intervals, and be sure to ensure sealing during installation, i.e. prevent unfiltered air from bypassing into the cylinder.   
Toyota filter
Second type: one end face of the paper filter element is respectively cushioned with two complete glue sealing gaskets to prevent unfiltered air from directly entering the engine heart from the gap nearby, thus causing the air filter to fail.  


The third type: the connection between the automobile filter assembly and the engine intake pipe is firm and tight so as to prevent air leakage and short circuit failure.   
Fourth type: do not tighten the wing nut that fixes the air filter housing too tightly to prevent the housing from deforming and wearing too much. Because the cover is stamped from a thin sheet of iron, once the cover is deformed, the filter element of the air cleaner will be blocked, causing the air conditioner cleaner to lose its effectiveness. What about the smoke from the air compressor filter? Air compressor filter is an important accessory of screw air compressor, which has the advantages of maintenance-free and highly reliable. However, as the screw air compressor has been used for a long time, the oil content in the air is high, the adding period of lubricating oil is shortened, and the filter smokes when there is no load. What should I do?
The following is analyzed by the eagle expert: 1. the oil level is too high: check that the oil level is discharged between " h" and " l" and cannot be too much or too little. 2. female plug of return pipe flow restriction hole: remove and correctly clean the female plug of return pipe. 3. low exhaust pressure: increase exhaust pressure ( adjust pressure switch to set value ). 4. breakage of the fine oil separator: replace the new fine oil separator. 5. pressure maintenance valve spring fatigue: replace the spring.

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