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Why do you need to replace Honda filters regularly?

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Why do you need to replace Honda filters regularly?

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The function of the Honda filter is to filter out harmful impurities in the engine oil, supply clean engine oil to crankshaft, connecting rod ring and other motion pair parts, and play a role in lubrication, cooling and cleaning, thus prolonging the service life of these parts. do you understand the working principle of the filter cleaner? Next, the eagle technician will show you how the filter works.
1. the filter cleaner is mainly composed of filter paper and housing, as well as sealing ring, support spring, bypass valve and other auxiliary components. From the appearance, we can see the filter as a whole. the filter paper, bypass valve and other parts cannot be seen.   
2. during the operation of the engine, with the operation of the pump, oil with impurities continuously enters the filter through the oil inlet on the filter bottom plate assembly, and then passes through the check valve to the outside of the filter paper to wait for filtration; If the air filter is dirty, the air intake resistance will increase accordingly. when it increases, the engine may not get enough air supply, resulting in power shortage and other situations. Therefore, we need to clean and maintain it regularly.  



It can completely replace non-woven fabrics and glass fiber to cover the coarse and full series of filtration products under the general filtration environment. it is a new type of filtration material and is also the main development direction of filtration material in the future. Compared with other filter materials of the same class, it has the advantages of small resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection ( incineration ), moderate price, etc. ( polyester fiber ) is used as the main raw material, abbreviated as pet, and polyester fiber is made of polyethylene terephthalate, also called synthetic fiber or polyester. The filter cleaner is a component for filtering impurities on automobiles. its main function is to filter impurities in engine oil and provide clean engine oil for the operation of various components of engines. however, in the market of automobile accessories mixed with fish and dragon, fake accessories are everywhere. it is possible to buy fake accessories if you are not careful. friends who buy filters should pay attention.

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