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Experts introduce the material and structure of Benz filter.

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Experts introduce the material and structure of Benz filter.

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The eagle's Mercedes Benz filter expert wants to tell everyone some basic knowledge. It is convenient for everyone to use the car.

First: the material of the filter cartridge of the automobile filter

There are various kinds of material in the filter core of air filter, and the most widely used is microporous filter paper treated with resin. This filter paper is cured by resin impregnated heat, which not only enhances the mechanical strength and stiffness of the filter paper itself, but also improves the water resistance and flame retardancy of the filter paper.

The performance index of filter paper is closely related to air intake resistance of air filter. The filter paper is developing towards quantitative decline, thickness reduction, pore size reduction and good permeability. The same type of air filter, under the same rated air flow, the structure resistance is equal, the total resistance size is different, mainly because the resistance of the filter material is different to make the total resistance different. The resistance of filter material is caused by the resistance of fibers passing through the fiber layer.

Mercedes Benz filter

Second: the structure of air filter

The air filter has many kinds of structure, such as dry and wet air filter, dry type filter which separates the impurities from air through a dry filter core, such as paper filter core, divided into single and multistage, and two kinds of wet oil immersion and oil bath; therefore, the air filter is filtered in different structure ways. The inlet resistance of the device is also different.

1, at present, domestic gasoline has two kinds of ethanol gasoline and no ethanol gasoline. Ethanol gasoline has a certain degree of cleaning effect, and the gasoline filter cartridge with ethanol gasoline often has a relatively longer life. Like many of the cars around me have run over ten thousand kilometers, there are still many people who haven't changed. The use of ethanol-free gasoline tank easily deposited impurities, when switched to ethanol-based gasoline, ethanol easily melted impurities up and thus obstructed the gasoline filter. This needs to be noticed. Many cars come back from the outskirts and add ethanol and gasoline for a period of time to easily show the symptoms of infarction, inexperienced maintenance master is difficult to invent results.

2, at some point, the vehicle failed to start for the first time, and the second startup went wrong. The filtration result is poor, the strength is reduced, but the pressure of the fuel injector is not enough. But when the second startup time, the oil pump pumps oil again, the pressure disorder can be activated. So when it's hard to get the car started and the spark plug is replaced and the whole machine can't get rid of it, you can consider the performance of the gasoline filter. Actually showing the hard time to start can check the performance of the gasoline filter first, because the spark plug is not so easily damaged. Don't come up and change it, and spend the money.

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