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The quality of Honda filters produced by Shenying Company is reliable.

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The quality of Honda filters produced by Shenying Company is reliable.

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At present, the domestic engine overhaul mileage is generally in the range of 600-800,000, and even some vehicles overhaul more than 300,000 kilometers. The oil used is some big brands, several major brands of Mega Shell. The problem is, are these oil bad? Honda filters have also been introduced in the market.

However, the survey found that the vast majority of these products are no products, no third-party testing reports, no brand, and no quality assurance. Many products are directly based on the original filter element of the owner, paste HEPA filter membrane, or install HEPA filter membrane on the newly purchased filter element. This method does not effectively take into account the factors of dust and wind resistance. The service life and use effect of the product are very poor, and the damage to air conditioning caused by long-term use is also very large.

Many imported fuel filters are connected by drum-shaped tubes. In order to ensure the reliability of the connection seals, the same gasket must not be used repeatedly. In addition, even if a new gasket is used, the tightness of the connection must be checked. When the fuel system needs to replace the "O" ring, it is necessary to ensure that the "O" ring specifications and models are correct, and to check whether the elasticity and hardness of the ring are appropriate.

In addition, some manufacturers directly use the filter material of household air purifier for automobile use, but this method has no effect on automobile exhaust, formaldehyde, etc. Moreover, the product has low dust-holding rate, short service life, long-term use will cause a large number of bacteria breeding, which will do more harm to passengers in the car.

Honda filters manufactured by Shenying Company have good quality

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