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Noticeable Problems in Selecting Toyota Filter

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Noticeable Problems in Selecting Toyota Filter

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Toyota filter manufacturer's reputation is also very important, only the products that are recognized by the market are good products to be trusted, so when choosing the manufacturer, we must be careful to know more about the market feedback, not blindly purchase, to avoid unnecessary losses to themselves. Each manufacturer's product types are more or less different and different, so when choosing a manufacturer, customers must do a good job of data collation and screening in advance, which equipment can meet their needs, which manufacturer has such equipment.

Noticeable Problems in Choosing Filter (Filter Core)

(1) Life of filter element and filtration efficiency test

Particle counting method was used to determine the filter element's service life. The relationship curve of pressure difference-test time or pressure difference-ash weight was drawn during the test, so that the test time or pollutant weight of 75% by-pass valve at the design opening pressure could be used to express the filter element's life.

(2) Cumulative efficiency test

Gravimetric analysis is used to determine the lifetime of filter element in order to achieve the test time or the amount of pollutants captured at the end of the test.

(3) Hydraulic Pulse Fatigue Test

Oil filters are subject to fluctuating pressure during engine cooling. The pressure fluctuation resistance of the oil filter shell, sealing ring and filter element under high pressure fluctuation was determined by using the prescribed fluctuating oil pressure and circulating 1000 times.

(4) Vibration fatigue test

After installing the filter assembly, add the frequency and amplitude of resonance caused by vibration surface similar to engine or structure, maintain the prescribed oil pressure and cycle 10 million times to determine the performance of no small oil leakage or fatigue damage.

Because the manufacturing process is relatively simple, a large number of filter product enterprises are produced, and the product quality is uneven. The product quality of air filter is related to the power, economy, intake noise and emission of automobile engine. As the core part of air filter, low-value consumable parts and replaceable parts, the product quality plays a vital role in the effect of air filter. Important role.

Noticeable Problems in Selecting Toyota Filter

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