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Important factors to ensure the normal operation of air filters

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Important factors to ensure the normal operation of air filters

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The structural strength of Mercedes-Benz filters is an important factor to ensure the normal operation of air filters. The filter element is the main component of the air filter. At present, most of the filter elements are made of high efficiency filter paper, which is the weak part of the strength Zui of air filter. The unreasonable structure design will make the filter element become the stress concentration point of the external force. When the external force exceeds the strength design limit of the filter element, the strength of the filter element will fail and the filter element will deform accordingly. Once the filter element is deformed, the filter paper will burst. In this way, not only the filtering and purifying function of the filter element is lost, but also the collected dust particles are re-entered into the engine, which will lead to the failure of the filter element.

The air filter element selected must match the power, economy and reliability of the original engine.

(1) Rated intake

The air chlorine flow rate in the technical parameters of the filter element should be greater than the rated intake of the matched engine.

(2) Filtration material

The filter material has the requirements of thickness, tension resistance, original intake resistance and filtration accuracy. Imported diesel engine requires air filtration accuracy of 5 micron, and domestic diesel engine should also be less than 20 micron. The filtration accuracy of high efficiency filter paper is 2 micron, that of imported filter paper is 30 micron, and that of domestic filter paper is only 80 micron.

Dry air filter device is composed of paper filter element and sealing washer. Attention should be paid in use:

Regular inspection and proper cleaning. When removing the dust on the paper filter element, the soft brush is used to brush the dust on the surface of the filter element along the fold direction, and gently tap the end face to make the dust fall off. When doing the above operation, clean cotton cloth or rubber plug is used to block both ends of the filter element to blow out the dust adhering to the outside surface of the filter element from the inside of the filter element by compressed air machine or air pump (air pressure must not exceed 0.2-0.3 MPA to prevent damage to the filter paper).

Important factors to ensure the normal operation of air filters

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