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Attention should be paid to the use of filters

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Attention should be paid to the use of filters

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Use and maintenance of Toyota filters and water cups: Fuel tank filters or their protective jackets are generally considered maintenance-free components. Most automobile manufacturers recommend 48,000 km for normal maintenance of their external filters and 192-24,000 km for conservative maintenance. If you are not sure, please refer to the owner's manual to find out the correct recommended replacement cycle. In addition, when the filter hose is aged or cracked by dirt such as mud and oil, it is necessary to replace the hose in time.

Dry-pass air filter device is composed of paper filter element and sealing washer. Attention should be paid in use:

1. Regular inspection and proper cleaning. When removing the dust on the paper filter element, the soft brush is used to brush the dust on the surface of the filter element along the fold direction, and gently tap the end face to make the dust fall off. When doing the above operation, clean cotton cloth or rubber plug is used to block both ends of the filter element to blow out the dust adhering to the outside surface of the filter element from the inside of the filter element by compressed air machine or air pump (air pressure must not exceed 0.2-0.3 MPA to prevent damage to the filter paper).

2. Do not use water or diesel or gasoline to clean the paper filter element, otherwise the pore of the filter element will be blocked and air resistance will be increased. At the same time, diesel oil is easy to inhale into the cylinder, resulting in overrun after loading.

3. When it is found that the filter core is damaged, or that the upper and lower ends of the filter core are uneven, or that the rubber seal ring is aged, deformed and damaged, new parts should be replaced.

4. When installing, we should pay attention to the gaskets or sealing rings in the joint parts not to be missed or misfitted, so as to avoid short circuit of air. Don't screw the butterfly nut too tightly to prevent the filter from crushing.

There are five kinds of air purification principles in the world, physical, static, chemical, negative ion and compound.


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