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What are the common hazards of filters?

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What are the common hazards of filters?

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The working requirement of Honda filter element is that it can undertake high efficiency air filtration without increasing excessive resistance for air flow and can work continuously for a long time. Because the manufacturing process of Mercedes-Benz filter products is relatively simple, a large number of filter product enterprises are produced, and the product quality is uneven. The quality of air filter products is related to the power, economy, intake noise and emission of automotive engine. As the core part of air filter, low-value consumable parts and replaceable parts, the product quality has an effect on air filter. It plays a vital role.

Common hazards are as follows:

1. Use cheap filter paper to make filter cartridges because of its large aperture, poor uniformity and low filtration efficiency.

The harmful impurities in the materials entering the engine can not be effectively filtered out, resulting in early wear and tear of the engine.

2. The use of low-quality adhesives can not be firmly bonded, resulting in short-circuit at the bonding point of the filter element; a large number of harmful impurities into the engine will reduce the life of the diesel engine.

3. Replace oil-resistant rubber parts with ordinary rubber parts. In the process of using, because of the failure of the internal seal, the internal short circuit of the filter is formed, which makes some oil or air containing impurities enter the engine directly. Cause engine early wear and tear.

4. The metal parts such as the end cap of the filter element, the central tube and the outer shell are not treated with rust prevention, which results in metal rust and impurities, and makes the filter become a source of pollution.

After working for a period of time, there are a lot of impurities on the surface of the filter paper, such as dust, suspended particles, and a certain amount of impurities in the inner tissue of the filter paper. As a result, intake and exhaust resistance increases, intake and exhaust volume decreases, fuel combustion is insufficient, fuel consumption increases and power decreases. As a result, the "black smoke" from internal combustion power equipment seriously pollutes the environment, reduces the efficiency of industrial dust removal equipment, deteriorates the environment in the factory and endangers human health.

What are the common hazards of filters?

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