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The dirty Honda filter used in the running of the car may cause the air intake of the engine to be insufficient

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The dirty Honda filter used in the running of the car may cause the air intake of the engine to be insufficient

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Today's gasoline engines are electronically controlled fuel injection systems, the components are very sophisticated, especially the injector, nozzle clearance requirements are very strict. If not filtered into the gasoline engine, gasoline impurities will wear or blockage of the injector, the injector can not normal fuel injection, thus affecting the work of the engine.

The dirty Honda filter used in the running of the car will cause the engine air intake to be insufficient, so that the combustion of the fuel oil is not complete, resulting in the instability of the engine, the decline of power and the increase of oil consumption. Therefore, the car must maintain the cleanliness of the air filter.

When maintaining, the air filter is usually replaced with oil, filter, fuel filter (fuel tank built-in fuel filter) and replace. In general, it is replaced every 15 thousand kilometers /8 months, one at a time. The maintenance cycle stipulated by different types of automobile manufacturers is not the same, and the specific replacement cycle should be based on the requirements of the automobile manufacturers. Every car manufacturer has different regulations on the replacement or cleaning of the air filter for each vehicle.

Installation of automobile filter

1. Drain or dry the old oil

2. Loosen the fixing screw and remove the old oil filter

3. Apply a layer of oil to the sealing ring of the new oil filter

4. Install new oil filter and tighten the fastening screw

Suggested replacement period of automobile filter

Cars and commercial vehicles are replaced for half a year.

The automobile filter market is huge, and the oil and water separator attracts many domestic enterprises to join, which intensifies the fierce competition in this market, especially the competition in the after sale market is becoming more and more intense.

In addition, the impurities may also deposit in the pipeline, resulting in the blockage of the pipeline or the decrease of the flow area, resulting in poor oil supply, which is characterized by difficult starting of the engine, inability to accelerate and easy flameout. If the moisture in gasoline stays in the pipeline for a long time, it will corrode the pipeline, resulting in oil leakage, air leakage and other faults, and there are still some security risks.


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